4 Easy Ways Start ups can Increase Business Efficiency

Most startup entrepreneurs can’t tell the difference between efficiency and productivity – and often consider them the same. Unfortunately, they aren’t. You attain productivity when your staff can get more tasks handled within in a specified time span. While efficiency means your staff can perform a particular task within a short time. Though both are crucial for the smooth running of a business, it’s advisable to ensure efficiency as it enhances employee satisfaction and increases profits—  it’s something worth seeking merchant loans for start up for.

Areas where you should boost efficiency include; individual staff efficiency, team efficiency, and general business efficiency. Here are a few suggestions;

  1. Introduce Self-care Customer Service

While good customer service is important for the thriving of your business, at times it may overwhelm your employees. Your customer care representatives may keep forwarding most consumer queries to the marketing or IT departments which ultimately reduce efficiency. An easy way to avoid such waste of time is to implement self-care customer service. This is a system that enables customers find answers to their questions by referring to FAQs, pre-written guides, or videos. As a result, you minimize the number of queries your employees have to spend time answering.

  1. Improve access to Info for workers

An outdated and slow network makes duties even more lengthy and inefficient as staff waste a lot of time trying to access the information they need.  Quick and ready access to info among staff is crucial even for a small business. A disintegrated network system makes this process a hell of a task. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve efficiency, be sure to invest in the correct tools to allow all workers easy right of entry to data.

And it goes without mentioning that tech is the ultimate remedy to enabling quick access to data. Cloud-based apps and software can speed up access to the info employees want when they want it.

  1. Put an end to Short Meetings

Most new entrepreneurs think holding a 15 minute face-to-face meeting every time a serious issue pops up improves efficiency and productivity. But sorry to say that this is only a waste of time. Instead, communicate through Skype, email or Whatsapp and ban these short unplanned meetings.


  1. Utilize Time Management Software.

Make use of time monitoring software to get things done within specific timelines. For example, your sales team can schedule all important social media posts beforehand and spare less time monitoring them using a tool known as Buffer.

As you can see, improving business efficiency is a lengthy process. However, the above tips can ease things for you.

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