How to avoid duplicate files?

Whether on the hard disk or in a database, duplicate files take up unnecessary space. The processing of contacts and folders is burdened by these excess files. In a marketing campaign, duplicate files create a lot of confusion. In this article, you will learn how to avoid duplicate files.

Duplicate files: precautions to take!

When you enter data on your computer, it is best to classify them. You should place those that have the same format in a folder. Your computer will automatically warn you that this file already exists. Also, remember to number your data, this will prevent you from spending too much time searching. For a database, the prevention of duplicates depends on the software used. It is necessary to assign an identifier to each table so that there is no risk of duplication. A software provider such as Goaland, a SaaS software company, saves you this kind of trouble. It defines its tools so that you benefit from them to the maximum. But you will have to train your staff.

Duplicate files: methods to remove them!

If prevention has not worked or if you already have duplicates. You can proceed as follows to remove duplicate files from your computer. Copy all the files you think are duplicates to one place. There you will sort the files one by one to see which ones are duplicates. In a database; the manipulations to do are easier. Just use the built-in filter option to see the duplicate files. You will only have to delete those that are similar.

Duplicates: use software to avoid them!

Sorting files and data takes time. And when you're in business, this factor is severely needed. Therefore, it is best to use anti-duplicate programs to speed up the sorting process. This tool can be implemented on the computer and in a database. However, it is necessary to find the right software provider. It must be able to meet your expectations adequately. The solution it offers must be both efficient and fast. Duplication can be avoided if you make the right choice. If you can't get rid of them, your software provider can help you. In addition to providing you with the right tool, they can also provide you with competent staff. If you want to do the task yourself, your vendor will provide you with the appropriate training.

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