The PIM tool: for a better organization

Managing a marketing company is never an easy thing, no matter what sector it is operating in. Nevertheless, more and more tools and software are available to simplify the management and get a better return. The latest in this field is Product Information Management or PIM, a revolutionary tool to better organize valuable information. This article will introduce you to this software, how it works and the benefits it can bring to your company.

The PIM tool: what is it?

Distinguished by the acronym PIM, Product Information Management is a program that allows you to manage information about your products. It allows you to centralize all the data of your articles in one place. To put it plainly, this tool allows you to handle all the data that constitute a product sheet. This can include marketing data such as short and long descriptions or technical characteristics like the potency or the color of the item. Furthermore, this software can also manage media, logistic data, equivalent products, and customer reviews. It allows you to offer reliable and timely information to consumers. This is the case with Goaland's Product Information Management (PIM) software.

How does PIM software work?

In general, there are several tools within a company's information system to make it work properly. These different programs must work in harmony to obtain the desired results. This is particularly the case with PIM, which is in constant communication with software such as ERP, WMS, or CRM. The product information management software comes into play from the moment a product is created in the information system. It starts with the raw information about the new product. It will then proceed to alert the relevant teams, especially the marketing teams. Once it has gathered all the essential data to create a complete product sheet, the sheet is immediately distributed to all available sales channels. This last step is usually done automatically.

What are the advantages of using a PIM?

Like all management tools designed for companies, PIM software has many advantages. It improves the product experience across all sales and distribution channels. In addition, it allows you to improve the quality of your product data, and to develop and make your offer even more visible. This tool allows you to set up product sheets that perfectly meet your customers' expectations. Moreover, it allows you to group products in order to better manage cross and up-selling. This will allow your company to remain competitive, regardless of the market trend. Moreover, it allows you to improve the positioning of your articles in search engines.

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