How to analyze the traffic of your site?

Why use Google Analytics to track your website? When your website is on the Internet, it is important to measure its traffic and all the metrics that characterize it. Visualize the number of visitors to your website, and the number of new visitors, and even visualize your traffic acquisition. Google Analytics is a no-cost analysis tool that allows you to know about your website's traffic. Therefore, analyzing your website with Google Analytics is an absolutely vital solution.

Why analyze a website with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics wants to be able to easily and freely analyze the traffic to your website. Look at the interactions of the users, who they are, or what their behavior is. Analyzing your website with Google Analytics will allow you to check the traffic rate as well. Like page visibility, percentage of visitors, exit dashboard, bounce rate, or conversion rate. Analyzing your website with Google Analytics gives you a complete and accurate view of all the metrics needed to understand what is working well and what needs to be improved. Google Analytics is one of the best analytics tools on the market, providing you with unique, relevant, and effective analytics.

How to analyze a site with Google Analytics?

To use Google Analytics, you need to have created a Google Analytics account in order to access all the information related to it. It is important to determine how Internet users access your website. To analyze this information, several important criteria must be taken into account. To analyze a website using Google Analytics, you need to compare the most read landing pages to adjust their editorial content, analyze traffic loss, and track sessions and visits to your website. The average time spent by website visitors, and the decrease in traffic are key indicators... These are the basic measures to understand what is happening on your website.

The benefits of Google Analytics

Analyzing a website with Google Analytics is a regular exercise to analyze organic traffic sources. It will help you determine what you need to do to improve your site's content. With high bounce rates, analyzing your website with Google Analytics will allow you to consider the different tasks you will perform: which internal and external links to integrate, whether to redirect visitors and if you are using correct keywords, or whether other keywords are more relevant, CTR, if your conversion tunnel works... Analyzing a website with Google Analytics allows you to understand the acquisition channels through which users reach the website. The traffic generated is obtained through different sources: social media spaces, newsletters, emails, blogs, or organic keyword research. Having all this information will allow you to adjust or modify a defined marketing strategy.

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