How to create ads on Instagram?

Do you want to create ads on Instagram yet you have no idea about it? Don't worry, there is an easy and precise step that can help you create cutting-edge as well as effective ads. To do so, here are some customized tips to follow.

Accessing ad managers

First of all, it is imperative to connect your Instagram business profile to the Facebook ad manager for your ads to appear on Instagram. It's a simple process consisting of following some easy steps. For an ad creation on Instagram, access the ad manager and then the campaigns tab. You then need to select "create" and "create a campaign" before moving on to the next step.

Determine the objectives of the ad

The next step is none other than choosing your marketing objective. You have to define your objectives according to your needs, or your expected results from advertisements on Instagram. This social network offers, in fact, about ten distinct objectives divided into three different categories. It's all about choosing yours depending on whether you want awareness for your brand or conversion. Once that's done; name your ads according to your chosen targets to create. Select the Facebook page that your ads are associated with before defining the location of the ads and your audience.

Choose the format of your ads on Instagram

Next, choose the format of your ads on Instagram indicating their dimensions. For a first ad, this choice is made when you define your objective. In addition, you can also opt for a single image, a video; a carousel, a slideshow, etc. With the right format, you will definitely come up with a successful ad creation on Instagram. Your ads will stand out from your competitors, which guarantees optimal attention capture from your target audience. Try, in any case, to create highly impactful visuals for your campaigns. Next, don't forget to set the budget for your ad on Instagram before you even choose the format. With that, your ad is ready to be broadcasted and shared on the network. On the other hand, consider tracking the outcome of your ad campaign and whether or not your goals are met after that. Finally, measure the profitability of your campaign with a reality check.

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