How to effectively centralize a company’s product information?

To be well organized, a company must think of a good way to centralize its product information. The smooth running of its business depends largely on the way its product information is arranged so as to be easily used by each employee. Find out in the following lines how to centralize efficiently the product information of a company.

The PIM: the most efficient solution to centralize a company's product information

To help companies centralize and manage their product information efficiently, Goaland: publisher of a Product Information Management (PIM) solution assists your company in unifying various product information in one database and distributing it to various marketing sales channels. On this, the company will benefit from having consistent data at all times to improve its sales services. The PIM is actually a kind of software that has the role of recording all movements of a product or an item. As soon as a product enters or leaves the warehouse, the software immediately records the movement so that the logistics manager can have consistent data in real time.

What other solutions can be adopted to efficiently centralize a company's product information?

In addition to PIM software, there are other ways to efficiently centralize a company's product information. As a first solution, you can use a collaborative platform. By working on a collaborative platform, you can communicate efficiently with many collaborators provided that each participant has some essential tools such as a shared calendar, a collaborative wiki, a document management tool, a project management tool, a chat, etc. Besides the collaborative platform, you can also opt for typical software. A computer program is a very efficient solution to centralize, manage and distribute product information on marketing channels.

Why centralize a company's product information?

Centralizing product information is not only a formality to be done, but it is an essential need for a company, regardless of its size. First of all, having well-centralized product data allows to better manage the core business of the company. Moreover, the unified product information is easy to distribute to the staff for better coordination within the company. In addition, it is a solution that allows to have better transparency within the company. Moreover, centralizing product information allows to have a real overview of the company's productivity evolutions. Better still, having centralized product data allows important information to be distributed quickly among employees.

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