Prospecting: how to collect leads?

In order to increase the conversion rate on your website, lead generation is an essential step that has become the cornerstone of modern marketing. Without customers, it is impossible to develop your market and consequently, you won't be able to increase your company's turnover. Generating leads for your website, however, relies on the use of effective prospecting techniques. Besides that, a highly refined database will be needed to convert as many leads as possible. But how to collect leads with prospecting techniques?

Listen before prospecting

Before you start prospecting, take the time to listen to your prospects through a phone conversation or on Social Media. Try to understand their issues before continuing the exchange to have a greater chance of proposing meaningful content. Remember that prospecting is not about selling a product. Instead, it's about determining how to help your prospects with the right solutions.

Follow the basic rules of inbound marketing

Creating valuable content on your website is the main secret to attracting qualified leads. You can do this by offering an ebook for free download, constantly feeding a blog with interesting articles, or publishing videos. But to make your Call-To-Action credible, it's all about the added value of the published content. The definition of your buyer personas is therefore essential in order to offer your prospects content adapted to their needs. Indeed, the quality of your leads is an essential criterion that will allow you to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy.

Use banners to collect leads

Top content must necessarily be accompanied by a call-to-action to allow visitors to interact with your company. Indeed, the insertion of banners on your pages or websites will optimize your chances of converting a visitor into a lead. You can also rely on the notion of urgency (limited offers, promotions, etc.) in order to invite Internet users to act. The main thing is to propose interesting, clear, and readable content, with the insertion of a CTA to encourage the visitor to go further in his reading. This way, he switches from being an anonymous visitor to a potential customer. In short, do not hesitate to use A/B testing to retain only the most effective banners.

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